What is STAY?

What is STAY?

STAY is a nutraceutical supplement that helps your dog avoid many of the problems associated with old age. STAY helps:

  • Delay the onset of canine aging symptoms
  • Improve coat colour and texture
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Reduce frailty
  • Increase muscle strength and vitality
  • Defend against age related illness

STAY works by improving cellular energy production (which declines with age) while stimulating sleep related repair processes to maintain body integrity. STAY comes in powder form and is to be added to your dog’s evening meal. Your dog continues to eat the food that it normally eats.

For a complete list of ingredients used in STAY, see the STAY Ingredients List.
For more details on how STAY works, see The Science Behind STAY.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in these age-delaying properties of STAY so much that if your dog is not acting younger and looking healthier after 30 days, we will give you your money back.


Watch a 90 second testimonial video from Kathy, a STAY user in Vancouver, Canada.

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