The Science Behind STAY

The science behind STAY has been around for years — we just put the ingredients together. 


STAY targets three cellular aging processes.

  1. Maintaining mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are tiny batteries inside every cell. Decline in the number and strength of mitochondria cause muscle, nerve and brain deterioration associated with getting old. Mitochondria are why teenagers have more energy than the elderly.
  2. Regulating free radicals. The overproduction of highly reactive oxygen molecules, free radicals, is another contributor to aging. These charged molecules damage cells. The many different kinds of antioxidants in STAY naturally absorb these charges and stop the damage.
  3. Reducing inflammation. Inflammation happens when the immune system goes to work to repel invading cells like bacteria or viruses. Like war, it may be necessary, but it can be damaging to the host. STAY reduces inflammatory processes, especially chronic (always on) ones.

STAY ingredients work together.   

The nutrients in STAY work together to support many biochemical pathways that in turn support each other.  With STAY there are always enough of the necessary building blocks around to make vital repair and energy production systems work at full speed.  

For a complete list of ingredients used in STAY, see the STAY Ingredients List.

STAY turbocharges sleep.

STAY turbocharges the repair that happens during sleep while slowing aging related processes. This is why we recommend STAY be given with an evening meal.

Scientific Research proves the benefits of multiple supplements and aging.

Click on any of the links below to see the Abstract of an actual scientific paper from a peer reviewed journal. This is just a small selection. There are hundreds of papers that say similar things.

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Cognitive Enhancement in Middle Age and Old Cats

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