19 Years Jackson. Stay Strong and keep using Stay!

A Nutraceutical Supplement for Dogs

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"We have been using our Stay Age Delay for over 30 days now and I can tell you we have definitely seen an improvement in Angel's recovery time!"

- Melissa (Human) and Angel (Senior dog; Mutt Mix)

"Only a few weeks in and my parents have already seen positive effects - less time recovering from big walks and more energy, to name a few!"

- Tacoma (Adult dog; Malamute Husky Mix) and Charlene (Human)

"After using STAY for just over a month, I've noticed that my energy levels have heightened and I no longer get stiff joints from all my crazy adventures. Best of all - it tastes delicious!"

- Lola (10 years old; Jack Russell Terrier Mix) & Cassie (Human)

Jackson at 19 years old is still hungry for breakfast! Watch the video!

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STAY is Health Canada Approved  as a Low Risk Veterinary Health Product with  Notification  No. NN.M3G2 . 

Watch a 90-second testimonial from a STAY user in Vancouver, Canada.


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