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A New Perspective on the Aging Canine

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STAY works to delay the onset of typical aging symptoms in dogs.  Senior dogs may show rejuvenation.

  • Shaking in extremities
  • Energy loss
  • Graying coat and fur loss
  • Mental deterioration

STAY topping powder is a blend of natural foods, vitamins and minerals scientifically proven to maximize sleep related repair processes and intracellular energy production. STAY is a powder that is added to the evening meal.  Your dog eats whatever food they normally eat.   

STAY works without doing anything else but click on The STAY Program menu item to learn how diet, exercise and stimulation can also help your dog.

OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We believe in the age-delaying properties of STAY so much that if your dog is not acting younger and looking healthier after 30 days we will give you your money back.

Questions?  Call our helpline and talk to a real human being at 778-385-7829.

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