About Us


Founder Greg Powell's vizsla Abby – the dog which STAY was first developed for. 

We are Complex Five Pharmaceutical.

Complex Five Pharmaceutical was founded by Greg Powell, the creator of STAY Age Delay. After the success in developing STAY, Greg established the company with a focus on helping older animals live out a life with health and happiness.

Our mission is to give all dogs the longest healthspan possible.

We add life to their years!  We do this while maintaining a commitment to sustainability, transparency and quality. We support the rescue and adoption of older dogs in every way we can.

What does our name mean?

Complex Five comes from the name of the molecular structure Complex V (ATP Synthase) that manufactures the energy molecule ATP, which powers all cellular activity. We believe that decline in ATP production is the primary cause of aging.

The Story Behind STAY Age Delay:

is a nutraceutical topping powder that was developed by the company's founder Greg Powell after his own dog Abby started showing increasing aging symptoms at age 13. After extensive research around the canine aging process, Greg a chemist by trade, formulated STAY topping powder based on the most current anti-aging research. The results surpassed even his own expectations with noticeable improvements to Abby's health, vitality and energy within just 30 days. It was this success that promoted Greg to found Complex Five Pharmaceuticals and dedicate his time to helping older animals live out a life with health and happiness.

Sophie, one of founder Greg Powell's beloved dogs, has been taking STAY and maintaining its activeness.

Words from the Founder:


Dear Customer,

When you have had a few dogs in your life, you realize, as I did, that dogs go through old age in 2 or 3 years while we might take 30. My Vizsla, Abby, was 13 years old. Her hair was graying, her rear legs shaking. We were afraid she would not be able to make it up the stairs soon, or worse, she would fall as she tried. We knew things would not get better.

My original intention was to try to slow down the aging process. In research, I found that we do not know why a whale lives 200 years and a dog only 12 years. We do not know much about “lifespan”. But we do know a lot about how aging works, what we call “healthspan”. 

The science has been around for years. It mostly revolves around the little batteries in our cells, called mitochondria, that use the air we breathe to make energy for our cells. It turns out that these little creatures inside us (they have their own DNA) wear down before we do, and that as they disappear, we lose our pep. 

Like I said – the science has been around for years. We just put the right ingredients together. Then we tried it on Abby.

It can be difficult to accept something when it goes against core beliefs. But there was no denying what we saw: Abby got younger. It took time, but after six months of STAY every day, Abby was back to her 10-year-old self. 

After a year of people at the dog park asking me where they could buy what I was giving Abby, I realized that I owed it to the old dogs of this world to make STAY available. Abby would want me to do this.

So that’s the story of STAY. If it does for your dog what it has done for Abby, you have made my day.


Greg Powell
Founder of Complex Five Pharmaceutical